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From humble beginnings

Our owner and founder, Jelle Mantel, was born and is currently living in the Netherlands. He considers himself a Dutch child (in a man's body). As many people know, Dutch people are generally all kids at heart and absolutely love their Toys (almost as much as their bicycles).

Jelle began his online career by selling a small range of pet and homeware products on Bol.com, the Dutch equivalent of eBay. He soon experienced success and began to expand his catalogue of products to many other categories.

In 2020, after having many negative experiences with other Toy and Collectable retailers both on and offline, Jelle wanted to improve the entire system for everyone using his existing skills and knowledge of selling online.

To the present day

This is when Jelle decided to create his own website, ToyCarCollectables.com, and to focus on his own passion (Toys and Collectables) while providing the Ultimate (and unique) Selling Experience that has come to shape how customers of TCC purchase their favourite Toys online.

We launched the site in 2021 after much consultation and web designing.

A large part of this process was finding only the Highest Quality Products to sell - that is part of the reason why we know you will be happy with any Toy, Car or Collectable purchase from TCC.

As part of Jelle's commitment to making all of his customers happy, he has implemented a 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee, and aims to provide Stellar, Fast & Friendly Customer Support.

Apart from selling our own range of Unique Toys, Cars and Collectables, we are also able to source just about anything else you may want or need, whether it be a special toy or a customised item. Simply get in contact and explain exactly what you want, and we will get to finding you that product at the best price.

So there it is; we love to play around and so do you.

Get to finding your new favourite Toy or Collectable on our site and don't forget to keep an eye out on our Discounts and Deals section to snag a bargain!